Rising up despite things

The Lotus | Archetypes for Women in Business | The Thrive Factor | Shannon Dunn

I wrote this little story after reflecting on the journey of so many women I know in business. I shared it a couple of weeks ago on social media but wanted to share it with you too.

It might resonate and offer some inspiration to keep going, despite the mud you face. With so many life changes of my own the last few years I completely get how heavy it feels to be stuck and unsure how you are going to come out the other end.

But you can.

You will.

One of my fav slogan tees says “no mud, no lotus.” This simple saying reminds me that to bloom, with her face to the sun, lotus must travel through layers of mud.

Enjoy the story of Lotus

Some time ago there was a little seed

She fell into a murky pond

She drifted down to the depths

Settling in the mud

There she lay for some time

Getting ready to start her adventure

Follow her calling

She thought about what may happen

She considered all the possibilities

She thought it might be good to stay safely in the mud

Even though it was cold



It was still safe there

Safe because she knew what to expect

Safe because she could hide

Safe because she could convince herself she was content just to be

But that wasn’t her truth

It wasn’t her story She was destined for something more

She was here to grow

Here to reach for brighter horizons

Here to bring beautiful, breathtaking experiences to the world

So she made a declaration

She mustered up courage

Packed a dash of motivation

Reconnected with her vision, her dreams

Trusted the discomfort and stretching would be ok in the end

And slowly

Day by day

She stretched upward

Through the mud

Around the debris

Past the scary parts

Around her fears

Day by day she grew stronger

Day by day she reached forward

Day by day she got closer to the surface

And then the day arrived

lotus_the thrive factor

She broke through the surface

The sun shone brightly

Urging her on

Guiding her upward

Filling her with strength

Supporting her vision

Once she was beyond the murkiness

Past the distractions

Beyond the barriers

She expanded

Slowly at first

Widening her reach

Stretching out beyond her wildest dreams

Creating magic for all who saw her

Infusing beauty into the world

Her trust in her vision was inspiring

Her belief in her possibility was palpable

Her ability to create abundantly was real

Her magic was divine

She reflected

She basked

She celebrated

She deserved to have the sun shine brightly

Highlighting every aspect of her

A sight to behold

Totally thriving

That is the story of lotus

The story of you

keep going beautiful soul, it will be worth it when you believe in you!


The words in this story about rising up despite things were written by me for you!

I hope they bring you all you need to keep going and to keep believing in you.

I wish you space to be gentle, to ground yourself, to celebrate the moments day by day that are part of your experience and that can contribute to your thriving at all times.

Big love,

Shannon xx

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