Be Kind + Be Compassionate + Be Patient

Shannon B The Thrive Factor Archetype profiling for women leaders

In this time of change in the world it is time to come together in (virtual) support of each other

There’s so much anxiousness in the world right now

understandable as we are faced with more unknowns than we have collectively had to face for a long time

many of us have not lived through global concerns of this magnitude

at these times there’s key things for us all to remember

the reactions of others are going to be different to what you have experienced in the past

things you’re usually rational brain would consider crazy in different times may become more common place

it’s a time to be kind to yourself and each other

it’s time to be considerate and more patient with yourself and each other

it’s time to be patient with yourself and each other

there will be questions you have that you do not have answers to

parents, grandparents, aunties – the children in your lives will be seeking greater reassurance than ever and even though they may not understand what’s going on they will pick up on your reactions and responses

business owners, employers, employees – this is a time for flexibility and consideration as to the impacts on individuals and families and a time to be creative with how you respond – how you keep your business flowing – how you support yourself and support others

having personally been the victim of a cyber attack this week that’s still unfolding it’s a time to stay calm amidst the storm and mixed feelings about the world and the people who are still out there doing bad things to others

let’s work together to ride this out and come out the other side stronger and wiser and more connected, not less

check on those people in your life who might be alone, scared, compromised

be kind
be considerate
be patient

be relaxed and practice self love and care as much as possible

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I penned the above in response to what has been happening across the world this week in response to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. COVID19 has made an impact on the world and there are many feeling all the feelings as they navigate changes hour by hour, not day by day.

This is a time to get clearer on who you are. A time to build confidence and resilience and to move forward from a place of strengths.

If you know your Thrive Factor Archetypes then revisit them now. Be aware of the potential challenges you could experience. When you are stressed, anxious, feeling overwhelmed or concerned for any reason the negative side of your Archetypes can become your default response.

That doesn’t have to be the case. Be a woman of strengths. Move forward with grace and intention. Choose thriving even if it feels like it is the last thing you’re feeling.

Shannon B The Thrive Factor Archetype profiling for women

From me to you here’s to big love and a whole lotta thriving

I’m going to hang with Archie cat and back to chillin on the sofa whilst I plan the best way to support you, the women of the world who choose to show up and make thriving your goal

Shannon xx

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