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Take your business to new dimensions with a genuine transformation experience your clients will love you for.

Are you looking for something truly special to offer your clients and excited by the opportunity to have a genuinely unique way to create personal and professional transformation with them?

Are you frustrated with not being able to get to the bottom of why the inspiring, motivated women you work with get stuck, frustrated and don’t seem to be able to move forward?

Do you love working with women, helping them to discover more about themselves and how to exist with more ease, purpose and confidence?

Are you enthused to understand how to lead your business with expanded effortlessness, clarity and confidence?

Are you energised knowing your clients will have the gift of reliable self understanding, refreshed motivation and enthusiam for who they are and what they do, and that they’ll attribute this treasured learning to their time with you?

Are you working as a coach, mentor, guide or some other awesome role with women and love what you do, but looking for fresh ways to work with your client community?

Does being part of a growing, global community where you have the potential to make an impact feel like an incredible next step for you and your business?

A genuine business expansion opportunity

Becoming a Certified Thrive Factor Profiler, proficient in the use of the Thrive Factor Framework could be exactly what you are looking for. The 6 month immersive training program has proven to be a genuine asset loved by our expanding graduate community. You’ll not only have complete confidence to profile your clients, you’ll also have mastery in Thrive Factor related coaching methodology and processes to enrich your client experience.

Enrollment is by invitation only following an application interview with founder and creator of the Thrive Factor Framework, Shannon Dunn. Places will be limited to ensure you receive the best possible level of support, provided for you personally by Shannon.

Having profiled more than 600 women, a majority of them business owners, Shannon has learned a thing or two (or a few hundred) about profiling and delivering profile results that she will personally pass onto you during your training. The added benefit of Shannon’s extensive lived and learned business, therapeutic, creative and life experience and expertise makes this training truly original.

Entering into the program is a commitment and will require time, effort and energy on your part. The learning experience (content) is delivered in a variety of ways including self study and live group mentoring calls. All classes and modules will be delivered online, meaning you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Download a copy of the current certification program prospectus here.

Watch Shannon coach Laura Dick to understand how her Thrive Factor Archetypes can be a true business asset

A business certification for women who want to make a big impact

Additional support is provided to you by a dedicated Thrive Factor Mentor. These program graduates have been carefully selected for their skill and expertise as well as their commitment to using the Thrive Factor. They are actively using the Thrive Factor Framework in their own businesses and creating transformation with every client they share the Thrive Factor experience with.

The final modules include a series of assessment pieces. These include your submission of recorded profiling case study sessions and summaries to convey your knowledge and proficiency of the content learned throughout the certification program.

Once you have demonstrated competence in line with the assessment criteria you will become a graduate of the program and officially certified. After entering into the annual License Agreement you will be free to begin profiling your clients as a Thrive Factor Coach TM, equipped with expert knowledge and supportive coaching methodology. 

To ensure a holistic approach to your training experience you will be able to access modules as part of the certification that will teach you how to integrate and market your new expertise to maximise your potential for success as a Thrive Factor Coach TM, supporting and coaching your clients to meet themselves, embody their innate strengths, understand their potential challenges and more.

Upon successful graduation you will be required to join an ongoing Thrive Factor Graduate program providing professional development, access to graduate pricing on all resources and genuine support for your future as a Licensed, Certified Thrive Factor Coach TM. Licensing is a requirement to use any and all you have learned during the certification program. Fees associated with the Graduate program will cover your annual license to continue using the content you have been trained to deliver.

Licensing fee information and terms can be provided on request but as a guide it is roughly the equivalent of the minimum value of one profiling session per month.

Opportunities will exist for some graduates to become mentors to future students of Thrive Factor School.

Thrive Factor School Core Learning Principles

Each module of the Thrive Factor Coach TM certification training will be an immersion of personal and professional development.

During the course of the 6 month foundational program you will receive learning designed to address these core pillars, to ensure a thorough and holistic educational foundation underpins your future practice and work with clients using what you learn.

The Thrive Factor School core learning pillars are

  • Archetypal Psychology
  • The 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes
  • The Art of Profiling
  • Thriving Business Practice

Aspects of each pillar will be present in most, if not all, of the training modules you’ll undertake as part of the program. They will be drawn upon for your group mentoring calls with Shannon and for your Mentoring sessions provided by your dedicated Thrive Factor Mentor.

Who is the Thrive Factor Coach TM certification ideal for?

  • You’re an amazing woman with a big heart and a big thirst for delivering exceptional experiences to your clients. You care about people and thrive seeing them learn, explore, challenge themselves and reap the benefits available to them when you work together.
  • You work with your inspiring clients in a one to one or group capacity and you want to reach out into the world on a larger scale, delivering unique opportunities to a wider community.
  • You are a qualified coach, mentor, educator, therapist, healer or consultant who values quality education. You are motivated to add to your skill set and have a genuine willingness to expand your personal and professional development on an ongoing basis.
  • You understand how powerful personal self-understanding is and frequently find yourself the person others reach out to for support, advice, wisdom and guidance.
  • In your existing business you have well defined services, programs and products and you embrace your value and worth, and at the same time want to be able to offer something truly empowering and transformational as an adjunct to supplement and compliment your existing suite of services and products.
  • You acknowledge that your investment of time, money, emotion and commitment will open you to new ways to work with your clients and equally understand that while every effort will be made to ensure you have the experience and resources to maximise your potential for success, the program does not guarantee additional clients or income. It will, upon successful graduation from the program, provide you with a license to continue using the content you have been trained in, if you wish to pursue this path.
  • You have a sense it is time to welcome something new into your business and you have the time and energy to fully immerse yourself into a learning environment so as to experience the potential rewards available to you moving forward.


Future opportunities await you

  • new insights into yourself as a business woman that can transform your services and magnetism because as you learn the art of profiling using this framework you’ll be immersing into your own self and embodying the best of your unique Thrive Factor profile 
  • access to a reliable, proven framework that will provide you and your clients with an expanded understanding of self and your expression and relationship with mindset, marketing, money and magnetism – the Thrive Factor Profiling framework was created in 2010 and is founded on archetypal psychology principles, enmeshed with more than a decade of practical experience and application 
  • an opportunity to add an additional income stream to your existing services, this is ideal for someone working with women on a one to one basis or group environment 
  • a quality learning experience that will be interactive, thorough and professional in recognition of the importance of the framework and its transformative potential, plus your commitment to learning, personal and professional development 
  • access to resources designed to support your work and assist you with client attraction and client Thrive Factor integration in the future
  • the chance to become an early member of the graduate group and therefore amongst the first women to be invited to become future mentors and assist founder Shannon in the delivery of the program. As Shannon says “I’ve got big visions thanks to my Visionary Creator archetype to take this far and wide and I want to do it in community because I believe profoundly in collective thriving”
  • inclusion in a community of other women who want to give more to the women they support, reliably knowing self-understanding is one of the most powerful personal gifts anyone can experience

The Thrive Factor School is a Premier Training Provider with IICT

Creative Possibility Outcomes, Pty, Ltd, trading as Thrive Factor Co, is the big sister organisation to Thrive Factor School.

In 2021 Thrive Factor School became an approved Training Provider with IICT, the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

Thrive Factor Archetype Profiling become an approved modality with the same organisation and the Certification program offered here is an approved course.

We are proud of the additional credibility and professionalism this brings to Thrive Factor School and our Certification. It was a rigorous process for Thrive Factor School to become approved as a Premium Training Provider and to have Thrive Factor Archetype Profiling approved as a modality. This is an annual process we plan to continue investing in.

What does this mean for you as a student and future graduate?

A key reason for seeking to obtain these approvals with IICT was based on a reality that new and original modalities like Thrive Factor Archetype Profiling can, at times, be challenging to obtain insurance for. Some of our graduates have very specific insurances for their current business that would be unlikely cover Thrive Factor Archetype Profiling and the work you subsequently do with clients related to their Thrive Factor profile.

Our status with IICT provides you with access to insurance to cover your work using the Thrive Factor Framework. You will be provided with additional information regarding this and the benefits of IICT membership should you wish to explore this for you and your business.

As a student and future Thrive Factor School graduate you can apply to be covered from an insurance perspective as a student. We will provide you with the required supportive documentation to support your application, upon request.

The Application Process

Certification Classes commence June and January each year. The application interview opens 6-8 weeks before classes commence.

The application and enrollment process is as follows

  • complete the online application form
  • return the completed and signed Certified Thrive Factor Coach Certification program student agreement
  • you’ll be invited to join the Facebook community and be granted access to the training portal up to 2 weeks before program commencement
  • get ready to start your learning and get excited about everything that will unfold in the coming months!

If you are ready to apply please send an email to and a member of the Thrive Factor Co team will be in contact with you soon. You can request to download a copy of the Certification Prospectus here.

Please note: this information, direct from the current Thrive Factor School prospectus is an accurate representation of the Thrive Factor Coach TM Certification offered by Thrive Factor School as of November 2021.