She declared it and so it became it her reality

have something significant you want in life and business?
declare it to be so and bring it to life

In the past 18 months there’s been some huge changes in my life.
Some of it was intensely challenging.
Some of it was intensely freeing.
The ending of things.
Departing “stuff” you have been a part of for a long time.
Unsure of the next steps.
Taking them anyway.
BUT 100% trusting it could work out.
Trusting it would work out.
Staying connected to the inner knowing I’ve always had about things.
Hearing the intuition, the wisdom and the practical that affirmed my instincts were right.
Right for me.
Right for me because this is my life.
My business.
My experience.
I choose to share it with an expanding number of incredible people because they add value to my life and my work.
Those that don’t add value tend to fall away as they forget you were once part of their lives.
One of the most significant shifts has been realigning all the time in ways that affirm me.
Choosing to restructure my day.
Choosing to invest in myself on a bigger scale.
Choosing to step up.
Choosing work that lights me up in brighter ways more than ever.
Choosing to start a new manuscript.
Choosing to progress forward with things in business even when numbers were lower than they’ve ever been.
Choosing rest instead of more action.
Choosing a break instead of doing more.
Choosing to listen to me first.
Choosing thriving.
I made a declaration to myself a while back.
I made a declaration about the kind of life I wanted.
I made a declaration about the kind of people I wanted to work with.
I made a declaration to create more wealth.
I made a declaration to celebrate more.
I made a declaration to take more time out.
I made a refreshed declaration to use my archetypal strengths and thus to be in my effortless success zone and using the best of my 4 Thrive Factor Archetypes.
I made a declaration and so it becomes my reality.
Talking to my brother yesterday and he asked how I was doing. It was heartfelt and I could hear he wasn’t sure how I’d respond.
I told him things were shifting for the better everyday and every week.
I also told him this was my 15th year in my business which he was so surprised to hear.
Surprised in a good way.
This month is shaping up to be my biggest sales month ever – by a significant amount.
The money isn’t all in the bank but the sales have been made.
I’ve welcomed so many great people into my professional family as clients, referral partners, collaborators.

make the declaration, be relentless in your pursuit of it, drop the hustle, and let it unfold to become your reality

Thrive Factor Heart 1
Because I declared it to be so.
I’m not one of those coaches who brags about money made.
I’m not shying away from talking about money publicly. I talk about it openly with clients all the time.
But I did want to share this.
I am proud to achieve what I’ve achieved.
I’ve been tenacious in my pursuit, relentless, yet hustle free.
Had some attempts to throw me off my game.
Had some external sabotage that’s distracted me at times.
But I am here for the long haul.
I’m here to pursue my dreams.
I’m here to bring my bold vision to life.
I’m here to deliver consistently high quality experiences for clients at every level.
I’m here to learn.
To stretch myself.
To prove my declarations are possible and increasingly effortless.
And so it is.
Shannon Dunn The Thrive Factor Archetypes For Business Women Business Yoda
Shared in the spirit of inspiration.

I wish you space to be gentle, to ground yourself, to celebrate the moments day by day that are part of your experience and that can contribute to your thriving at all times.

Big love,

Shannon xx

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