Discover Your Thrive Factor

The Thrive Factor is an archetypal framework giving women personal insights needed to activate permission, unlock effortlessness, grow confidence, embrace their core strengths, understand potential challenges and unleash their innate potential so as to truly and totally thrive.

The Thrive Factor Framework TM consists of 12 unique Archetypes, each with her own expression relating to Mindset, Marketing (or self promotion for those not in business), Money and Magnetism.

It was created by founder Shannon Dunn around 2010 after 18 months of consistent observation of the clients she was coaching and working with as a therapist at the time. Shannon has spent a lifetime focused on learning about human behaviour and found her most profound experiences in this field were those in the area of Archetypes and archetypal psychology.

Engaging in a Thrive Factor Experience (we often refer to this as Profiling) gives you an opportunity to learn about the core essence of the Archetypes that feature in your individual Thrive Factor Profile. 

Your Licensed and Certified Thrive Factor Coach TM has completed extensive training under founder Shannon’s guidance. She continues to engage with ongoing professional development to ensure she stays up to date with Shannon’s latest insights and integrations. Shannon uses the Thrive Factor Framework as the cornerstone of her work coaching women in business through a range of programs and 1:1 support.

Drawing on her growing expertise of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes, your Thrive Factor Profiler will introduce you to each of your Archetypes. She will excitedly cover aspects of each Archetype and how they relate together, using the Thrive Factor Framework TM coaching methodology to provide a holistic experience you’ll value for the rest of your life.

It is the personalised aspect of your Thrive Factor Experience where you meet (probably online) with your Thrive Factor Profiler and coach that brings extensive and lasting benefits to you on a multiple levels. You will treasure your Thrive Factor Experience for life, as many women who have come before you are doing every day.

A  thrive  Factor Experience includes


A thorough online assessment to determine your Thrive Factor Archetypes. This provides you with tangible understanding of who you are, the ultimate in self awareness


A private consultation with your Thrive Factor Profiler and coach. It is in this session where you’ll meet your Thrive Factor Archetypes and begin to develop the self awareness you didn’t realise you had been seeking


A beautiful colour summary report of your Thrive Factor profile. This keepsake provides you with a reminder of all you were born to be and is something to keep close by for ongoing inspiration and celebration; of you!


Insights to guide you to recognise and integrate your Thrive Factor Archetypes into your life and career or business. The Thrive Factor Framework coaching methodology has been refined over many years and your Profiler understands how to use it to bring significant value to your experience with her


Personalised support to discover your core innate strengths and mitigate potential challenges so you can make sense of why you think, behave and respond in certain ways to things you experience. This information is a true game changer for every woman


Guidance on how to leverage your Archetypes to unlock your effortless success zone thus making things easier in your life, career or business

Each Thrive Factor experience is as unique as you are, and since 2010, women just like you have shared significant positive personal and professional evolution after discovering their Thrive Factor Profile and its individual archetypes. 

In fact the most common word heard after a Thrive Factor Experience is permission.

Beautiful, joyful and emotional expressions of what it is like to come home to yourself, knowing what you’ve just learned is reliable information you don’t need to dispute, even if it feels confronting to initially hear how valuable and incredible you are.

“I feel like I have permission to be me”

“Permission to dream bigger and clarity with where to put my focus and energy”

“Permission to take action and go after what I truly desire”

“Permission to like myself – love myself even!”

“Permission to celebrate who I am and who I am becoming”

“Permission to learn to love the parts of me that I thought were my broken parts; the parts of me I always believed were wrong or needed fixing”

“Permission to thrive!”

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