Discover Your Thrive Factor

The Thrive Factor is an archetypal framework giving women personal insights needed to activate permission, unlock effortlessness, grow confidence, embrace their core strengths, understand potential challenges and unleash their innate potential so as to truly and totally thrive.

The Thrive Factor Framework consists of 12 unique Archetypes, each with her own expression relating to Mindset, Marketing (or self promotion for those not in business), Money and Magnetism.

Engaging in a Thrive Factor Experience (we often refer to this as Profiling) gives you an opportunity to learn about the core essence of the Archetypes that feature in your individual Thrive Factor Profile. 

Your Licensed Profiler has completed extensive training and drawing on her growing expertise of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes, she will introduce you to each of your Archetypes and where relevant cover aspects of each and how they relate together.

It is the personalised aspect of your Thrive Factor Experience where you meet (probably online) with your Wise Guide (Thrive Factor Profiler) that brings extensive benefits to you on a personal level.

A  thrive  Factor Experience Includes…


A full online assessment to determine your Thrive Factor Archetypes so you have tangible understanding of who you are


1:1 Consultation with a Wise Guide (Thrive Factor Profiler) where you’ll meet your Thrive Factor Archetypes and learn about your innate potential


A beautiful colour summary report of your Thrive Factor profile providing you with a reminder of all you were born to be


Insights to guide you to recognise and integrate your Thrive Factor Archetypes into your life and career or business


Personalised support to discover your core innate strengths and mitigate potential challenges so you can make sense of why you think, behave and respond in certain ways to things you experience


Guidance on how to leverage your Archetypes to unlock your effortless success zone thus making things easier in your life, career or business

Each experience is as unique as you are, and since 2010, women just like you have reported significant positive personal and professional changes after discovering their Thrive Factor Profile. 

In fact the most common word heard after a Thrive Factor Experience is permission

Permission to be me

Permission to dream bigger

Permission to take action

Permission to like myself – love myself even

Permission to celebrate who I am and who I am becoming 

Permission to learn to love the parts of me that I thought were my broken or bad parts before

Permission to thrive!

 Start your Thrive Factor Experience by connecting with one of  the certified and licensed profilers listed below.

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Discover Your  thrive  Factor and Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone