The thrive Factor Framework; changing the dynamic of self awareness for women globally

The Thrive Factor is an archetypal framework giving women across the world personal insights needed to activate permission, unlock effortlessness, grow confidence, embrace their core strengths, understand potential challenges and unleash their innate potential so as to truly and totally thrive.

The word Archetype comes from the Greek ‘Arche’ meaning original, old or first and ‘Tupos’ meaning ‘pattern, model or type’.

Together these ancient words become Archetype and by definition, the word was thought to mean first impression or first imprint.

Archetypes assist every woman to understand and express who we are from a raw, real, authentic sense – to express our innate potential!

The Thrive Factor is an archetypal framework giving women across the world personal insights needed to activate permission, unlock effortlessness, grow confidence, embrace their core strengths, understand potential challenges and unleash their innate potential so as to truly and totally thrive.

The word Archetype comes from the Greek ‘Arche’ meaning original, old or first and ‘Tupos’ meaning ‘pattern, model or type’.

Together these ancient words become Archetype and by definition, the word was thought to mean first impression or first imprint.

Archetypes assist us to understand and express who we are from a raw, real, authentic sense – to express our innate potential!

“Being profiled by Shannon and then reading up in my gorgeous Thrive Factor book has been a game changer for me. It has helped me love myself (that has always been hard) because I can associate with my archetypes. I can see the positive energy they bring and I am embracing and expressing them in my business life. Marketing has become so much easier now that I can market as me with all my personal strengths! The negatives which I was once ashamed of are now just challenges and I now look at them with more compassion and jest as they pop up.”

Lyndall McAlpine

 Permission Activation and Self-Liberation;

Key to truly being You!

The Thrive Factor Framework TM has been used to provide women worldwide with unique and powerful ways to reconnect with parts of themselves they may have previously been disconnected from or that they misunderstood.

With nurturing exploration into your innate potential and the core strengths and potential challenges of each of your Thrive Factor Archetypes you give yourself the most divine gifts of self awareness, self confidence, self belief, self knowing and self motivation.

The ultimate result?

Permission to be exactly who you are in the most effortless and beautiful way.

In the words of the Thrive Factor Framework TM creator Shannon Dunn

“My first interaction with Archetypes came during my teens whilst trying to better understand myself and how and where I fit in the world. I went onto complete 3 years of training in Archetypes using a system called Archetrek and then explored Archetypal concepts and philosophies in the context of my Transpersonal Art Therapy studies, which had a very Jungian approach.

Archetypal Psychology is something I have resonated with for many years and during the course of my early work blending counseling, Art Therapy and business consultancy I began to recognise patterns in the female clients I was working with. During the course of some months, I documented my observations and threw myself into studying Archetypes and Archetypal models in more depth.

The result was a framework I originally called Personal Leadership Style. In 2017, with the event of working on the manuscript which became The Thrive Factor book, published as an Amazon best seller in January 2019, I redefined the model and renamed it The Thrive Factor Framework TM.

The Thrive Factor Framework consists of 12 unique Archetypes, each with her own expression relating to Mindset, Marketing (or self promotion for those not in business), Money and Magnetism.

Engaging in a Thrive Factor Experience (we sometimes simply call this Profiling) gives you an opportunity to learn about the core essence of the Archetypes that make up your individual Thrive Factor Profile. Your Licensed Thrive Factor Coach TM will introduce you to each of your Archetypes and if relevant cover aspects of each and how they relate together”


The Intricacies of the Thrive Factor Archetypes

Activating Permission to Embrace Your Innate Potential.

Discover Your Core Strengths and Potential Challenges.

Understand how to use them to unlock your effortless success zone and experience true personal freedom.

Traditionally, much of Archetypal Psychology made reference to terms such as light and shadow. I was taught archetypal concepts with this language, however, when I first started to define the archetypes that became the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes I found this language to be incongruent with what I wanted to express. I’d had numerous interactions with people who’d referenced the shadow aspect as negative. I didn’t see it that way at all and equally, I felt challenged by the assumptions frequently made regarding shadow expression being a bad thing.

In fact, I had, through personal experience, and through significant observation in others during the clinical work I did as a counselor and Transpersonal Art Therapist, come to see the awareness, integration and acceptance of the “shadow” aspects of self to be the “magic” that resulted in profound self-understanding, leading to greater confidence, purpose and more. This experience is something I now refer to as Permission Activation.

So to respect traditional teachings and to use language more in keeping with the everyday woman globally, I decided that the light would become strengths and the shadow aspects would become potential challenges. I explain more below.



Strengths are the things you do well, find effortless to master, and know you are good at. They are also the things that bring you energy and all the benefits of being in a psychological state of flow.

Flow is something referred to as being in your Effortless Success Zone around The Thrive Factor HQ and in the Thrive Factor Coach TM certification course and teachings under the Thrive Factor School umbrella.

A key consideration to make when regarding your strengths is as simple as remembering that if the things you are fabulous at don’t energise you, they are just things you’ve learned to be good at and not necessarily your strengths at all!


Potential Challenges

Challenges are the things that can get in the way of you making progress. They are the thoughts, feelings and actions that you may struggle with, feel overwhelmed by, get you stuck and frustrated. 

I am very clear that with the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes, the challenges listed in The Thrive Factor book and all of my teachings are truly potential – they are not finite, fixed or exacting!

There is nothing to say that every potential challenge listed is going to be a true expression for any woman who has the particular archetype in question.


Why Potential?

Each woman has her own combination of Thrive Factor Archetypes.

Even women who have the same archetypes have different environmental, situational and hereditary influences that can play a role in her expression of potential challenges.

Just because it’s in the list, doesn’t mean it will occur or have a negative impact. It is super important to understand this.

What is equally important to understand is that your archetypal strengths are the first place to turn when potential challenge appears!

Meet the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes

Each of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes are truly unique, with her own expression in the world.

No one Thrive Factor Archetype is more important than another, although it is not uncommon to hear women who have been profiled to talk about their main or strongest archetype.

Once you have your profile and have been introduced to your Thrive Factor Archetypes it is important to take time to embrace them all equally. They each have strengths and potential challenges and they can work together beautifully and also at times feel like they are competing against each other or in the middle of some kind of, hopefully friendly, disagreement.

Think of your Thrive Factor Archetypes as your new group of besties. They are all available to you and ready for you to embody them. Your Thrive Factor Profiler can guide you to work proactively with your Archetypes so be sure to ask her what else is possible beyond your Thrive Factor Experience profiling session.

Advocate Rescuer

We call her Ms Compassion 
and her key theme is Self-Advocacy.

Heroine Adventurer

We call her Ms Adventure
and her key theme is Self-Love.

Inspirer Believer

We call her Ms Inspiration
and her key theme is Self-Inspiration.

Liberator Engineer

We call her Ms Freedom
and her key theme is Self-Liberation.

Mediator Diplomat

We call her Ms Perfection
and her key theme is Self-Balance.

Mentor Teacher

We call her Ms Wise One
and her key theme is Self-Learning.

Mother Nurturer

We call her Ms Nurturer
and her key theme is Self-Nurture.

Networker Connector

We call her Ms Social Butterfly
and her key theme is Self-Connection.

Pioneer Seeker

We call her Ms Cheeky
and her key theme is Self-Value.

Queen Ruler

We call her Ms Luxury
and her key theme is Self-Rulership.

Shapeshifter Alchemist

We call her Ms Mystery
and her key theme is Self-Acceptance.

Visionary Creator

We call her Ms Wise Dreamer
and her key theme is Self-Expression.

Are you ready to discover your  thrive  factor,
embrace your innate potential and and unlock your effortless success zone?

Meet The Thrive Factor founder, Permission Activator and  Cheerleader for all things Thriving, Shannon

Hello beautiful thrive seeker, delighted to meet you!

I’m Shannon Dunn. I used to be known as Shannon Bush but that was in a former life. Now husband free so it was time to return to my birth name. It has been an interesting experience maintaining links to the name and identity with which I have built the Thrive Factor brand. From September 2020 The Thrive Factor book was re-published with Shannon Dunn as the primary author.

Ok, onto the “stuff” about me…

I adore my core business Thrive Factor Co (formerly Creative Possibility) and the hundreds of clients around the world who I’ve had the honour to support, coach, teach, guide, inspire, nudge, push a little or a lot (metaphorically speaking of course). Seeing each person transform themselves and their business into varying states and stages of thriving drives me every day.

I’ve been in business since 2006 and involved with and inspired by family business since childhood. I lived through the impact of failed business on a family in my early teens and I now know something in me was triggered to make sure that didn’t keep happening.

I LOVE marketing and equally LOVE teaching it differently to how it is taught in so many places. I see marketing as a conduit to igniting your magnetism and that leads to THRIVING whether you are in business or a career. Marketing is not just business related. More on that another time!

I approach things with a “meet you where you’re at” view so we focus on working together on what you want and need and I offer my expertise and lens of effortlessness and embracing your innate potential – strengths and potential challenges as expressed through your Thrive Factor Archetypes.

I offer one on one coaching  group coaching and mastermind experiences, leadership and business education programs and I hosted a podcast called Law Of Effortlessness from 2016 – 2019.  

You can see all my latest offers right here, over at the Thrive Factor Co HQ website.

Above all else in my work with women I LOVE all things THRIVING,
and you thriving is one of my ultimate goals.

With that in mind one thing you’ll quickly learn about me is I can be a boisterous cheerleader for those I believe in and there are a lot of you! Client or not, if I think you’re brilliant I make sure the world knows you are.

In 2010 and 2011 I dived into my Liberator Engineer and Visionary Creator meets Mentor Teacher and Inspirer Believer innate potential and created a personal leadership framework, which includes 12 individual archetypes. It was called Personal Leadership Profiling but with my obsession with you thriving and understanding the self knowing, awareness and permission you receive when you know your Thrive Factor Archetypes, it has now evolved to become The Thrive Factor Framework.

Rather than including a more formal bio style introduction let me further introduce myself by referencing my 4 Thrive Factor Archetypes. I love each equally and while some days we may have some disagreements and there can be internal challenges between these parts of myself, when I choose to follow the law of personal leadership and remember that my life and business is a result of the choices I make and the action I take, I give myself permission to be more me and with that everyone benefits. The best of Intentional Permission.

So here I am in all my Thrive Factor glory

Liberator Engineer
aka the bossy one! 

She’s a big picture woman who can see all the moving parts and fine details. She takes action and builds and engineers systems, frameworks, models and solutions like no ones business. Each has a sole purpose – to bring liberation aka freedom to her self and others. She’s pretty cool and calm on the outside but has intense emotions and if she’s not feeling free you better watch out because she can implode or explode. Volcanic style!

I love her energy and quick wit and super capable intellect, she’s the one who fuels my love of travel and my obsession with stand up paddle boarding is one of the many ways I create freedom in my life. When she’s not feeling free things can break down, including her, so self care and being really clear on what feels free and then embracing that as a non negotiable is essential for her to shine.

Mentor Teacher
aka the endless learner and compulsive sharer! 

The wise one, she sees and absorbs the lessons in everything. Books, courses, life, any opportunity to learn and she’ll embrace it and squeeze it tight. She’s got a gift for sharing knowledge and views the world through the lens of a profound wisdom that helps others accelerate their learning and self-understanding. She is off the charts wise but can forget that sometimes. She’s a huge part of my business and why one of the many words I use to describe myself is educator. I can’t help but share what I know so that everyone benefits from the wisdom I have and knowledge I gather. When I teach I am totally in my zone and expressing my effortlessness. With that comes more thriving.

Inspirer Believer
 aka the excitable cheerleader! 

She’s full of inspiration and loves to share what excites her. Often that’s you so please keep showing up and sharing who you are and what you do. She gets totally into the things that make sense to her and help her to understand her place in the world and reason for being here. She’s a muse for others, super creative and crafty and her greatest lesson is to allow herself to be inspired by who she is and what she’s putting into the world.

Everything got better when I did this! She can misunderstand how inspirational she genuinely is and is humble and real. At times she can throw herself so into the latest excitement and inspiration or belief system she’s adopted that she can get a bit burnt out and lose her mojo. I love using my other Thrive Factor Archetypes to balance her fiery energy because she’s the one who needs to nap more.

Visionary Creator
aka the strategic one with big bold dreams!

One of the more rare Thrive Factor Archetypes I’ve seen in the 450+ profiles I’ve completed she’s a great mix of vision and strategy. Intellectual and dreamy she needs to create (mostly in artistic, playful, colourful ways) to ground her visions in order to bring them to life. She’s wise like the Mentor Teacher and when she learns to trust what she literally sees she’s a force to be reckoned with.

I love her boldness and foresight and use her all the time to challenge myself and my clients to dream and do bigger, brighter and bolder. She’s the key to my thriving and could be the key to yours. I credit her for having the vision and foresight to trust my deeply convicted beliefs, wisdom and experience to follow the super strong urge to begin documenting the patterns I saw in the women I was working with around 2009. Those early notes became the working drafts for what then became the original 12 Personal Leadership Archetypes, now the Thrive Factor Archetypes.

Discover Your  thrive  Factor and Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone