Meet Thrive Factor Coach Kerryn Slater

"Getting to intimately know and understand my Archetypes has added so much value to my life and my business"

It is my absolute honour to officially announce that Kerryn Slater of Holistic Essentials is the newest graduate of the Certification in Thrive Factor Profiling and is now a Licensed, Certified Thrive Factor Coach.

Here’s what Kerryn has to share about becoming a Thrive Factor Coach and being able to offer this gift to the inspiring women she works with.

“I LOVE to support and empower women in transforming their lives.

I often feel that my life has been a quest to discover who I am and what makes me and those around me who they are.

This quest has led me to study many different modalities to support me in this and I love all of them.

When I met Shannon from Thrive Factor, I instantly connected with her, in discovering my own Archetypes and seeing how incredibly powerful they were and how much they helped me to understand myself on an even deeper level I was hooked.
I wanted very much to know more about this as I could see the potential this had in supporting and empowering the women I love to work with.

Getting to intimately know and understand my Archetypes has added so much value to my life and my business.

I am so excited to become a Thrive Factor Coach, the possibilities are endless and I cannot wait to get out there to further empower and support women to embody their own unique gifts and strengths so they too may shine brightly in all that they do.”

Kerryn is welcomed as a valuable asset to our community and brings with her a wealth of knowledge, expertise and compassion for the women she works with.

Congrats Kerryn. I can’t wait to see where you take your Thrive Factor profiling and coaching into the future.


You can connect with Kerryn to get to know her better and book your profiling session here.

You can also watch the video Shannon recorded with Kerryn below. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to The Thrive Factor YouTube channel.

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