What would you tell your younger self?

Wisdom worth sharing is hidden in each of your Archetypes

Yesterday I was musing with my gorgeous friend Claire about all kinds of things

I adore having a close circle of smart, creative, wise and curious friends who can get philosophical with me on all sorts of things

One of the things we talked about was what we’d tell our younger selves if we could go back

I thought back to being under 10, then to being a teen, then in my 20s and so on. Right up to now

Here’s some of the things that came to mind that I’d have loved my younger self to know

1. Don’t be so serious! It’s going to work out all beautifully and you don’t need to try and control anything. This is particularly for my Liberator Engineer archetype

2. Dine in quicker! It’s fab to be an observer but don’t wait so long to start. If it feels exciting then just do it, even if you don’t know how. This is particularly for my Inspirer Believer archetype

3. Create more! You have an incredible gift for creativity. In so many forms. Share it with more people and let your creativity be the gift that provides the clear knowing and vision you’ll come to trust and celebrate. This is particularly for my Visionary Creator archetype

4. Trust what you know. Your wisdom and all you learn are so valuable. You’ll build a thriving business and life teaching, sharing and guiding others as a leader. Hang in there beautiful wise soul. Your wisdom is needed in this world. This is particularly for my Mentor Teacher archetype


I’d have also told younger me that she’s loved, treasured, celebrated and honoured the more she lets the world in and shares her magnificence with those she innately knows are to be trusted.

It was such a great conversation that really got me thinking.

I’d also have encouraged younger me to be proud of all she creates and to share more of it. To be externally as ambitious as she’s been internally.

Not to keep it quiet or hidden because of her concerns for how it may make others feel.

She’s not here to focus on others comforts first.

Her priority is embracing and embodying her souls purpose which is woven beautifully in her Thrive Factor profile and her 4 phenomenal Archetypes

All the answers she’s looked for are right there within her.

It feels magical because it is.


What would you gift your younger self in the form of wisdom?

From myself and The Thrive Factor Coaches to you…

We wish you space to be gentle, to ground yourself, to celebrate the moments day by day that are part of your experience and that can contribute to your thriving at all times.

Big love,

Shannon xx

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