The Thrive Factor and Human Design Comparison

Self Awareness is one of the most underrated experiences and totally a gift you can give yourself.

As the Thrive Factor founder I get asked a lot of questions about the significant number of profiling and self awareness tools, systems and frameworks used, often by coaches.

I decided to share my introductory thoughts as to the differences between Human Design and The Thrive Factor Framework TM and her Archetypes.

For women in business – coaching, consulting, and mentoring clients – using The Thrive Factor Framework TM and its 12 unique Archetypes is frequently referred to as a total game changer.

The Thrive Factors foundations lay in ancient archetypal psychology, different from Human Design which is founded on principles of astrology.

Women who have engaged with both frequently share that the Thrive Factor is significantly easier to engage with and understand and therefore easier to work with to truly support your clients to make lasting shifts in their lives and work.

In order to better understand Human Design I have worked with a number of highly experienced Human Design readers and coaches.

I don’t believe that one system is any better than another. This often comes down to personal preference and your willingness to engage with the in depth learning and understanding some systems require.

You can hear more on my thoughts in the video below, recorded earlier in 2021.

The next group of students will commence the Certification in Thrive Factor Profiling under my personal guidance and teaching, in January 2022 and  applications are now open. Additional mentoring is provided by the Thrive Factor Mentor team.

The 6-month certification course is a professional learning experience providing you access to detailed, easy to engage with content, business, and marketing training to support you to integrate all things Thrive Factor into your existing business and the love of a growing community of other women in business who are at the forefront of sharing The Thrive Factor with the world.

There is an incredible opportunity for you to get in at this early phase of The Thrive Factor expanding globally. You will have a genuinely unique and fresh methodology to use when working with, mentoring, and coaching the women you currently work with.

The training is for women in an existing business and is equally suitable for coaches in training, or newly qualified or just starting out in their business.

For more information please reach out to The Thrive Factor team at or via email or request to download a copy of the Thrive Factor Coach certification student guide here. Genuine enquiries enthusiastically welcomed.

Upon certification, there is an ongoing annual license requirement providing access to approved Thrive Factor resources, tools needed to successfully profile your clients, marketing support, and a business and Thrive Factor profiling coaching and mentoring program delivered by me.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Big dose of thriving to you superstar,



Becoming a certified Thrive Factor Coach TM could be your next bold business move, The Thrive Factor Framework TM is an easy to engage with system tapping every woman into her innate potential through the use of ancient psychology principle.

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