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Knowing who you are at an innate level is true grounding in a time of upheaval

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Yesterday, in the midst of what has been some of the most challenging times for myself and my business clients ever I had a couple of hours that reminded me of what is really important.
There is a need to come back to centre.
To ground.
To remember who you are.
I have had increasing waves of different emotions surface for me the past few weeks and I know, without doubt that they are related to the collective emotional state of the human race at this time.
I know that my feelings are a reflection of the palpable disappointment that is being felt. Of the grief and confusion, the overwhelm and the sadness. I also know my feelings are real and valid as are yours.
On Monday, as I struggled to find focus I shared a post in my Facebook Group, Thrive Factor Circle. The theme for the day was #MindsetMonday so it was completely apt. I wanted to open up a conversation about how it is truly ok not to feel ok right now.
I added a comment under the post to invite the group members to share their thoughts and feelings about it all…
I’m not sure how you’re all feeling but the reality is there’s so much palpable disappointment in the world right now

I find the kind of women who are in here are the kind who really care

They feel things and they are compassionate and can get overwhelmed by things that matter

I’ve had a range of up and down feelings the past few weeks and I know I’m not alone

If you need time out take it. No need to declare so, just look after you

Some of us are locked in with families
Some are alone
Some are missing extended family and friends
Some are sad to be so far away from people they’d usually be there to support in person when things that matter are going on

Some are feeling all the feelings as events and travel and launches and plans that were so excitable not that many weeks ago come and go and nothing happens

Being in business feels tough
Being in work feels tough
Being uncertain about where your income comes from feels tough
Being right where you are now feels tough in this moment and ok the next then tough again

All those feelings, thoughts, responses – the ones you feel now – and tomorrow and the next day and next week – they are real and they are yours

They might feel unusual to you and that’s ok

They might feel overwhelming and that’s ok

Maybe you’re not feeling these kind of things. That’s ok too!

sharing how you're feeling and being honest, raw and real is important

The comments continue to come in response to my invitation to share and I have loved the honest, raw and real insights, realities and experiences group members are having and willing to share.

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Anyway this sparked an idea as I got onto the Thrive Factor Graduate mentoring call with the Thrive Factor Profilers yesterday.  We have an incredible resource to help women across the world to better understand themselves and most importantly to understand how and why they are responding, feeling, acting and being right now. So trusting my Visionary Creator as I always do, I invited Caroline, Jenny and Kim to join me in conversation about how each of the 12 Archetypes could be responding to world events with COVID19 and the personal, business, career and economic upheaval many of us find ourselves in the midst of.

Think of our candid chat as a treasure chest of a resource to help you in this moment and moving forward. No matter where you are, what you situation is and whether you do or don’t know your Thrive Factor Archetypes.

I’ve popped the link to watch on YouTube below.

So whilst the world might be in a state of evolving flux and you may not feel like anything is reliable right now know that you can find ways to centre yourself and reconnect to your inbuilt effortless success zone so that you can, day by day, be reminded of the multitude of ways in which you can and do thrive.
Let me know what you take away from watching our Thrive Factor Archetype chat and be sure to take action on just one thing that made sense to you. You are an incredible woman with so much to offer the world and your light is still there. Be you. We are cheering you on every step of the way.
The Thrive Factor Profilers | Thrive Factor Archetypes | Jenny Cole | Caroline Smith | Kim Herman

From myself and The Thrive Factor Profilers to you…

We wish you space to be gentle, to ground yourself, to celebrate the moments day by day that are part of your experience and that can contribute to your thriving at all times. Big love,

Shannon B xx

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