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“Looking at what I want to accomplish in my business through the lens of my Thrive Factor profile has made decision making easier for me. It’s helped me to understand how to speak to my community, of course, but it’s also helped me feel even more confident that I’m moving in the right direction. On top of all that, I’ve used it to help understand who I’m working with to magnetise even better clients. A valuable tool that I highly recommend!”

Stasha Washburn, The Period Coach, Author of The Revolution Will Be Bloody

The Thrive Factor Inner Circle Community:
the place where you & your business get to totally thrive

I love smart, determined women who want to learn more, do less, be more. I call them Thrive Seekers.

You are a woman on a mission to make an impact in the world. You have incredible skills to offer so many and you want to accelerate your success in the business you love, even on its challenging days.

You understand that knowing who you are is key to your success and your thriving.

You love learning and sharing what you know. Your wisdom is important to you.

You get super excited. A lot! 

You put a lot of energy into the things you love. Your family and friends. Your dreams, your creations, your clients.

You love being a part of a community where women come together to thrive together.

You take action. Sometimes those actions are naps! Sometimes they are all business focused.

You want to do less and achieve more. The thought of effortlessness is enticing. You get it’s not effort free, but it means there are ways for things to be easier.

You want to be 100% you but you don’t always find it so easy to do. Bashfully visible would be an awesome way to describe you. All up for showing up online and having a visible brand one day and not so sure the next.

You want to be a success.

You are not alone.

Join us – the Thrive Seekers of the world are waiting to meet you in the Thrive Factor Inner Circle.


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In April 2020 The Thrive Factor creator Shannon Dunn (formerly Bush) was joined by 25 incredible women in business for a global summit.

A mix of 28 conversations and presentations later and a library of practical and inspired goodness was born. Each speaker delivered their best insights and tips for grounding, success, leadership and thriving in business and life.

You will hear from business experts, marketers, mindset strategists, well being experts, money makers and more.

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Intentional Permission Program with Shannon B Bush The Thrive Factor

Intentional Permission Program: Embody Thriving

Take a deep dive into all things “The Thrive Factor” with founder, Permission Activator and Cheerleader for YOU Thriving, Shannon Dunn, and discover just how easy it is to unlock your effortless success zone

The 4 month program begins late 2020

Includes discovery of your Thrive Factor Profile

Payment plans available

Includes the chance to be personally mentored by Shannon or one of the Licensed Thrive Factor Profilers who hold a Thrive Factor Graduate Mentor role