Meet Thrive Factor Profiler Jenny Cole

"The Archetypes are skillfully thought out and simply described. They have depth and complexity but more importantly, they have truth."

They say it’s pioneering women who jump into things first and in this case it’s one of our favourite sassy #PioneerSeekers, Jenny Cole, who took the leap of faith and became one of the inaugural group of students in #ThriveFactorSchool

Jenny is now a Thrive Factor School graduate and Licensed and Certified to deliver exceptional Thrive Factor Profiling experiences

As a wise #MentorTeacher Jenny has embraced the learning and brings keen insights to people development through her many years teaching and coaching leaders in many industries, with a focus on the education industry

Shannon x

Here is what Jenny had to say about her Thrive Factor School experience and becoming a Thrive Factor Profiler – one of the first 3 in the world.

“I enrolled in Thrive Factor School because I was hugely curious about the 12 Archetypes that Shannon had created and I wondered how this would serve my community.

As a coach and consultant, profiling tools are my bread and butter. I am accredited to practice a number of internationally recognised tools and have been using them for many years to help my clients to understand themselves and those around them. In particular, I employ the concepts and the language of Everything DiSC in almost every workshop and coaching conversation I undertake.

To be truthful, I was sceptical that the Thrive Factor Archetypes would be as suitable, as useful or as appealing to my clients.

How wrong I was!

The Archetypes are skillfully thought out and simply described. They have depth and complexity but more importantly, they have truth.

My understanding of the Archetypes allowed me to see my colleagues, clients and friends in a completely new way. Those who I always had difficulty assigning a DiSC style to, all of a sudden could be seen in all their complex glory through the lens of The Thrive Factor Archetypes.

My aim is to use the Archetypes with my clients, particularly those in executive positions to help them better understand their authentic self so that they can live, work and lead with authenticity”

Jenny Cole, Executive Coach and Inspirational Cheerleader for Wildly Wonderful Women

Learn more about The Thrive Factor including Profiling with Jenny here.

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