Free to be wise

Can you find freedom in owning how wise you are? You bet!

I love to learn new things. Up until my 40’s I would read anything, books, magazines, journals – literally the side of cereal packet. Unfortunately, social media, poor eyesight and a crazy relationship arrived in my 40’s – all making reading a challenge so I found new and exciting ways to consume knowledge (blogs, podcasts, social media, videos etc etc).

I will learn about any topic under the sun. I love knowing how things work and I don’t care if it is about the brain, my compost heap or my printer – I just want to know how it works. Special Ed to serial killers; challenging behaviours to challenging conversations; positive psych to performance management; leadership to Learning Management System – all of it. Previous partners have been obsessed with trains, motorbikes and theatre lighting – you guessed it – I became an expert too. I can tell you the type of motorbike by the sound of its muffler. Classic Mentor Teacher behaviour.

I tinker, I play, I experiment until I understand. Recently I complained to my mum that I didn’t have any dolls as a child and her reply was “Yes you did, you used to take their legs and heads off to see how they worked!”  Hello junior Liberator Engineer!

Now I am in business, when I have a challenge, I dive headfirst into the vortex and become an expert on business accounting software, online learning platforms, Facebook communities. I am not THE expert but an expert…my knowledge is  W  I  D  E   but knee deep.

And THEN I want to share. It’s almost a compulsion to share what I have just learnt – barely 5 minutes ago. I need you to know about the exciting thing I have just discovered and how that will make your life easier and better.

The Mentor Teacher Archetype has a huge thirst for learning. She's stepped into her innate power when she owns her depth of wisdom.


I particularly love to understand people, what drives them and how they process the world. This led me to Shannon Dunn and her Thrive Factor Archetype Framework.

What I have described above are classic traits and behaviours for the archetypes Mentor Teacher and Liberator Engineer. A thirst for knowledge and understanding how things work.

I thought this combination of thirst for knowledge and showing others would make me a great teacher – it did not.

I thought that understanding how everything fits together and therefore how it should be done (aka bossy) would make me a great leader – it did not.

It does however make me a particularly awesome entrepreneur, problem solver, coach consultant and cheerleader (although the cheerleader part is 100% my Inspirer Believer)

Now I understand all four of my archetypes in depth and how they interact with each other I can put them to work for me everyday in every part of my business and life. I can also be aware of potential challenges and how to avoid them. Giving myself permission to be my best possible self and to truly thrive.

This post was written by Thrive Factor Profiler and leadership specialist, Jenny Cole

Jenny Cole Thrive Factor Profiler | Archetypes for women in business

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